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Hilti PRI 2 Rotating Laser

Let's get things straight...
The ruggedly-built Hilti PRI 2 rotating laser packs all the advantages of laser alignment into a compact tool for interior finishing. It's bright, accurate laser line and simple infrared remote control make alignment work and marking out faster and easier than ever.

With the Hilti PRI 2 interior finishing has never been easier. Our newest rotating laser allows everyday alignment work to be easily and simply managed by means of remote control.

Simple and exact

In spite of its versatility, the new Hilti rotating laser is very simple to use. Whether the task is horizontal or vertical aligning or transferring datum marks and reference heights, both the simple control panel and the practical remote control give you the desired function at the push of a button.

The PRI 2 also has imaginative and resourceful accessories that make it an unbeatable measuring system for interior finishing applications. The new wall mount bracket gives the PRI 2 great versatility.


The Hilti PRI 2 was built to withstand the hard, day-to-day conditions of the construction site. It is protected against dust and water and vibration. A shock warning system sounds a signal if the laser is knocked out of level. Before the battery requires recharging, the laser functions for more than 50 hours with a precision of +/- 1 mm at a distance of 10 meters and at temperatures of -20°C to +50°C.

The system that pays for itself

As opposed to traditional measuring methods, the Hilti PRI 2 can be operated easily by a single person, who can work with greater speed and accuracy, making the rotating laser an unbeatable and efficient system that pays for itself in no time.

Main characteristics

Leveling and aligning has never been easier. The remote control makes one-man operation from any angle easier than ever.

Your benefits - at a glance

  • The stationary laser line leaves hands free for other tasks.
  • 360° remote control for easy, convenient operation.
  • Robustly built for jobsite use, especially for all indoor applications.
  • Automatic shock warning and cut-out when knocked off level by an impact or excessive vibration, for reliable results at all times.

Easy to use remote control

Precise, remote control at the touch of a button makes laser alignment easier than ever.

Fast, easy and accurate results

Built-in line function: the laser rotates at the set height - and the stationary laser line leaves hands free to work.

One person can work fast and efficiently to a precise reference.


Specially designed for interior finishing

  • Alignment in the horizontal and vertical planes
  • Transferring heights
  • Setting out right angles


Alignment in the horizontal and vertical planes

  • Suspended ceilings
  • Setting out and installing pipes

Alignment in the horizontal and vertical planes

  • Suspended ceilings
  • Setting out and installing pipes

Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings are installed along grid lines that can be easily and quickly marked out by a single person working with
the Hilti PRI 2.

  • Using the tool horizontally on a wall mount or tripod makes leveling support hangers even easier.

Setting out and installing pipes

  • Pipes can be positioned and lined up very quickly and easily vertically or horizontally.
  • The stationary reference line makes it possible to mark out fastening points right along the laser line.

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